HOWTO: Always Stay Logged Into Facebook

Facebook just rolled out a long-needed feature that we usually see at the infancy of every service that requires a login: Remember Me.

1. Enter your email address
2. Enter your password
3. Check the Remember Me box.

‘Remember Me’ feature finally on Facebook



  1. I’ve clicked that checkbox 100’s of times and I still get logged out regularly. This last time I had only been away from my computer, and Facebook, for 5 minutes. It’s getting OLD.

  2. I tried so many things to stay logged in on Facebook, but I found an easy solution, that works for me:

    I log in to Facebook and check the “stay logged in box”.
    When I get in the URL is “ “. I copy this URL and use it as my bookmark.

    Every time I hit this bookmark I get in to Facebook without having to log in.


  3. I cant keep logged in even though I click on the keep me box ive tried all the time it logs me out please can anyone help me ive tried the obvious optiond but no avail I also cant open new tabs I just get another facebook 1 open


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