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Get free sports scores from 4INFO

If you’ve ever been away from a TV, radio, or computer during an important game, you’ve probably had a hard time getting score updates. I’ve been using 4INFO for over a year now for updates. You can use it whenever you want by sending a txt message on your phone to 4info (44636) with the name of the team as the message. You will receive a score of the current game and the date and time of the next scheduled game. You can also choose to create a free online account. There you can manage updates by enabling them or disabling them. I have an account I use to manage my Red Sox score updates.


I have 4INFO send me a txt any time the Red Sox or their opponent score. Of course, I disable it when I’m watching the game.

They offer other txt services too, like weather, stocks, flight statuses, movie time, etc. Try them all out at

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