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My most commonly used basic Windows features

Instant permenant delete

Instead of hitting the Delete button on something, then emptying the Recycle Bin after, hold shift while you delete. Shift + Delete will instantly delete the item while bypassing the Recycle Bin.

The Almighty Windows Key

One of the best keyboard keys is the Windows Key. Combine this with a variety of letters, and you can do many basic things. My two most commonly used combos are WinKey + R to open the Run box, and WinKey + L to Lock the workstation.

Here’s a list of other combos:

WinKey + D             Minimizes windows and shows the Desktop
WinKey + E
            Open an Explorer window
WinKey + F             Opens the Find feature
WinKey + L
            Locks the workstation
WinKey + M
            Minimizes all windows
WinKey + Shift + M     Undo minimization of windows
WinKey + R
            Opens the Run box
WinKey + U             Opens the Utility Manager
WinKey + F1
            Opens Help for Windows
WinKey + Pause/Break   Opens the system properties window
WinKey + Tab          
Cycles through programs in the taskbar

Running apps from the Run box

You can either follow a previous article I wrote about launching any apps from the Run box, or you can launch some built-in app. For example, entering calc into the Run box will launch the Calculator. If you have iTunes installed, entering itunes will automatically open it -- no need to follow my short hack. Need the Control Panel? Try this: WinKey + R > enter in the word control > hit Enter. Voila.

Integrated shutdown (XP only! ...I think)

If you hit the Power button on your computer, Windows XP will start the shutdown process... the proper process. On my old computers, hitting shutdown would just turn it off prematurely, casuing a scan on the next startup. Now you can hit the button and it will do the rest for you. You could also go to the Start Menu and click Shutdown.

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