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HOWTO: Quickly search an entire domain

Sometimes you may need to search a particular domain for a specific subject or page that you know exists. This search process may result in frustration, especially when you know a page exists but cannot find it. Introduce trusty Google to get the job done. Just enter in your search terms into the Google search box and add “site:domain” to the search string.

vista contest

That search will search for vista contest as a regular Google search, but it will filter the search to just the domain.

Explore an entire domain
You can also use this method to find secret pages and parts to web sites. Just enter “site:domain” into a search and explore the listing of all of the pages on the site.

More than Google

I stated above to use Google search to explore or filter results by a domain. The truth is that most search engines have this feature, so give them all a try.

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  1. Bob Lloyd Bob Lloyd

    Awesome! Works on IE7 Live Search, too.

  2. ditech ditech

    I have admire your unselfishness in taking the time to make this web site.

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