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HOWTO: Change the Administrator password in Windows XP

You should probably know that it’s quite important to create a password for the “Administrator” account in Windows. By default, this user does not have a password. To keep your PC safe, you should add a password to this account. Through the normal setup process though, you will probably create your own user account first, which will probably be an Administrator itself. Now, rather than figuring out how to get into the main ‘Administrator’ account*, why not just change the password from your own account? There are two very easy ways to do this… if you’re a loyal reader, you will know the second one.
1. User Accounts Panel

Go to the Run box and enter control userpasswords2 (make sure there’s a 2 at the end). At the bottom, click Reset Password… under the Administrator section. Enter a new password twice. Dunskie.


2. ‘net user’ command

You can refer to an old post to get the details for this one. Just enter net user Administrator <your new password here> in the command prompt. Voila.

* To get into the Administrator account, reboot your machine and boot into Safe Mode. On the user account selection screen, you should see the Administrator account listed.

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