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HOWTO: Change hard-drive letters and paths

I have two external hard-drives in enclosures for storage. One is my “E: drive” and the other is my “F: drive.” They get their drive letters based on when they’re mounted, so occasionally, they may show up in opposite order. This annoys me when I have a program that refers to E:\ when in that case, it’s the F:\ drive. To change the drive letters of your drive, follow these steps:

Right click My Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management > right-click your drive > Change Drive Letter and Paths… > Change

Now you can change it to something else. Pretty simple if you ask me, but not many people know the actual place to do this.

(click image to enlarge)

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  1. Theo Theo


    This doesnot work in the situation on my HD :
    for some unkown reason the name of my C-drive changed to “I”
    when i try to change it or remove it i get a message that this
    name change isnot allowed due to being a system drive……….

  2. Mark Mark

    If your C: drive changed to I: then you are currently using the I: drive, so you can’t change a current drive in use. This [above] method if for other drives besides the primary drive in use. You might want to find some way to change the drive-letter via the command line. If you can, you can try to boot from the Windows CD with the command line and change it that way. I’ve never heard of your problem. Good luck.

  3. fred fred

    I have the same above mentioned problem. I reloaded my os which is winxp sp2 and and my hard drive changed from C to I. I would like to reload it again and get it to go back to C. Help

  4. Zanj Zanj

    This was a brilliant and simple solution. Many thanks

  5. Keira Keira

    Thank you so much! I had just the same problem with mine (very annoying, programs not working all over the place) but now everything is like it’s supposed to. Very simple process, though I had no idea what to do (thank whatever for google). Thanks again!

  6. spencer spencer


  7. user user

    Does not work in my case. I have G: drive and want to change it to D:, it does change my letter but after the boot the paths are the same linked to G so all my programs installed on G: are unaccesible.

  8. Jimmy Jimmy

    thank you so much .It work for me.

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