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HOWTO: Send free text messages through email

NOTE: Messages still incur the cost to the receiver who will always have to pay for an incoming message. This method makes sending free.

If you ever need to text someone on their phone and you’re at a computer you can actually send one through your email account. Just send an email to their address below based on their phone service:

Virgin Mobile:
Alltel: 10digitphonenumber@

Remember, they will receive this message as a txt, so keep it short and basic.

Info was from Gmail: Help Center

Please DO NOT use the comment form below to send text messages. It doesn’t send texts.

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  1. Nick Nick

    Maybe you should mention that the recipient will be charged by using the above method. But then those who do use this method, should expect to be crossed of a few christmas lists.

    There are services out there that provide free sms, the one I prefer to use Peekamo, but what you use it not the point, as long as you use one that really is free.

  2. Mark Mark

    How are you going to be charged by said method? It involves sending an email. Last time I checked….sending an email is free.

  3. Jimbo Jimbo


    had you actually READ the previous post you would have noticed the word ‘RECIPIENT’. This is an important word here, and clearly indicates (to most) that it is the person who receives the message that pays. Sending it is free.

  4. Mark Mark

    Understood. However, when you send a txt message from your phone, the RECIPIENT is charged for an incoming txt. You, the sender, are also charged for an outgoing txt. The above method makes sending free. It still costs money for the RECIPIENT to receive the message though on their handset.

    The title of my post is “HOWTO: Send free text messages …” which means the act of sending is free.

  5. danni danni

    hiya i cant find any good free text message its shit

  6. Daniel Daniel

    I found an even cooler site called it allows me to convert my email to voice (email to phone) and listen to it on any landline or mobile phone and I can reply by voice back to the originating sender 🙂 They also allow ‘cascading’ so I can selectively have emails reach me at home, then on my cell as a text message, then at the office and so on – kind of the ICQ version of what teleflip’s 1 trick pony approach is about.

  7. Richie Richie

    Hi Mark,

    I think the point Jimbo is trying to make is that the cost to the recipient is exorbitant (£5.00 in the case of one of the “free” sites I’ve just tried), so caveat emptor 🙂

    This is only displayed in small print at the bottom of the web page, but I’m in the UK, so don’t know if things are cheaper in the US?

    Most mobile phone providers (in the UK, probably worldwide) offer this service via their own websites.

    Cheers, Richie

  8. Jeannette Jeannette

    hiya, is there a site from where I can send free text messages to an UK mobile and for the recipient to reply so it would go to my email? Thanks in advance

  9. Why not just get a plan with your carrier that includes free text messaging? 🙂

  10. Arian Arian

    Is there any possibility to send a sms text to all users of a mobile company for example monaco-kosova

  11. a a

    you can send free texts from aim and clones (gaim, pidgin, adium, ichat etc).
    to field = phone number in international format (works oly for us phones). if phone = 234 – 567-8901 send message to +12345678901 and type the message.
    dont need to know the provider.

  12. Josh Josh

    Why not try They’ve been around for quite awhile and make it super easy to send free text messages through e-mail; far simpler and more intuitive than the above listings.

    I’m a big fan of the site.


  13. samantha samantha

    Or you guys can just use AIM. Put their mobile phone on your buddy list, and BAM. Instant free text messaging (for you). I’ve been doing it for years, and I never knew people actually went through services on the internet.

  14. Julz Julz

    I use this all the time to text cingular and alltel and it works like a charm for me! No word on the cost to reciever, but no one has mentioned an abnormal text bill… And with a family of accountants, that would definately come up.

  15. send instant text message to anywhere of your choice.

  16. LB LB

    You guys have to pay to receive sms?! Incredible! Here in Europe only the sender has to pay for it and usually it’s possible to send 100% free messages through the carrier website…

  17. TJ TJ has a text messager that you can use. It works, its free, for both you and the sender.

  18. Okay, i sent free text’s all day long to my old girlfriend through the site. They were just bought out by at&t and dobson, anyone have an idea how to get a text through now? I cannot find it on the new site.

  19. dfgas dfgas

    I have uscc and everything incoming is free, i even opt for the incoming calls. All new customers get free incoming txt, pic, and video messages. Then for $10 for the account you can add free incoming calls.

    BTW TJ that is a messenger not a txt messenger. if you are sending any kind of a txt message to someone that doesn’t have free incoming then its not free for the reciever. No matter where you send the txt message from it is not free for them.

  20. It works Mark. No worries. I’ve been using it.

  21. Nonya Nonya

    Anyone know how to do this for a Helio subscriber? Thanks in advance!

  22. Cheryl Cheryl

    Sign up for unlimited text messaging and you won’t have to worry about paying for each text message.

  23. Hi, do anyone know that how much it will charge. Does it work for India.

  24. chelli chelli

    what bout helio phones?? how do i send a text to those thru my comp???
    please help!!

  25. ChrisDellTek ChrisDellTek

    btw, teleflip is not very reliable at all

  26. Rich Rich

    I know that this probably a shot in the dark but I wonder if you would mind helping me. I am trying to email from the USA to my friend’s mobile phone in the UK. When I phone him I use 01144 for the international dialing code then his mobile number. Do you know how I should type the email address? His carrier is Vodafone UK.

    When I type the email address to AT&T numbers in the US I do this …….

  27. The 10-digit@carrier is a basic way of sending text messages through the Internet to a phone, but it’s just a 1 time deal. It doesn’t allow scheduled messages, recurring messages or an easy way to message multiple people. If you need to schedule a message to be received in the future, I’d recommend a web site like Free, easy to use, and has some neat advanced features.

  28. ben ben

    this all works great but if your trying to send a mms to verison you have to send it to or it wont work



    This is the second time I use these website, cause is very convenient for me to find out how I can send a text message to my boss and customers. I got there cell number and I want to send them an email from my computer. I want to thank DJIZZLE for including a comment for all my cricket buddies. Thanks.


  30. SLB SLB

    Does anyone know the format to send SMS to a Jitterbug phone through email? For instance, to send to a Verizon user its



  32. I have been trying to send emails to text through and it does not work. I have even tried to look up the website to see if I am doing something wrong but the site does not exist. Is there any other way to send emails to text when you do not know the receiver’s carrier?

  33. Mark Mark

    Hi Toni,
    It looks like Teleflip no longer exists. I will update the post so no other people get confused. Thanks for pointing it out.

  34. Czar Czar

    My only question is, what shows up on the recievers bill? does it show incoming txt from my email? or incoming txt from a random number?

  35. will this work if people happen to have a prepaid phone. I tried it on mine and I haven’t received anything.

  36. Mark Mark

    I think it depends on the phone’s service provider. Is it by one of the companies listed?

  37. kelli kelli

    what about attachments, pics, music

  38. Jared Jared

    the best way is to use yahoo. just create an account go to your mail page and next to “new” (like for new email) there should be a drop down arrow click it and press send text massage. after u txt it will show u previous massages like if you were using chat.

  39. I want to send sms to my friends, I dont want to the message to show my phone number, I want it to show my name as sender. How to do this.

  40. ashley ashley

    so wat if u know their number but not their carrier. can u jst use the yahoo txt message thing. and can they sent messages back to ur email???

  41. jessica jessica

    you need to say put your ten diget numeber in then @ then the chart codes cause i got counfused

  42. Luke Luke

    what about solo mobile? my friend is solo i need the number plez

  43. Sheryl Sheryl

    The one for AT&T doesn’t seem to work for anyone that I send a text to that has an AT&T phone. They always say that they don’t receive them.

  44. Xav Xav

    The one problem I have is not knowing what network my friends use. Some of them change their network often.

    Would be better if there was a way of just providing the full international dialing number e.g. That way, you send to anyone in the world and not worry about their provider.

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  46. pk5000 pk5000

    Question – I understand sending a text to a phone with an area code and a number. What if you don’t know what service they are using? And what about the ones with only a five digit number? Mostly these are businesses. Can you still text from your computer?

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  52. TextMetroPCS TextMetroPCS

    Hi, I tried using the yahoo text messager by sending a message to a metropcs phone and nothing was received. Is there something additional that I need to setup with the phones provider? Or does this service just not work on metro phones. Also I tried it on an Iphone and it was received.

  53. jacob jacob

    the best way is to get the recipient to send a txt to ur email first to see if ur email client supports it second to get the guaranteed address to the phone i have found that the best email client for txting is gmail also u can send pics but it works the same way get them to send u a pic from there phone cuz txt’s and pics use a different address but same number ….example = txt’s = pics

    hope i helped 🙂

  54. Kenen was here Kenen was here

    wat do we text for metro pcs?

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