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Utility Center: New Tools

Some new additions are in place over in the Utility Center.

Launchy – this is an excellent time saver. It’s a keystroke launcher to launch programs…. and just about everything else. Just run it, hit Alt + Spacebar and enter in a program name, document name, music….or even search Google from it.

Winamp – this is a great, lightweight, fast audio player. It’s small, can be skinned and launches quick. It can play music and videos and there are plenty of add-ons to it

7-Zip – this is a free alternative to Winzip or WinRAR. It’s so good because…it’s free. It supports plenty of formats for compression and decompression.

PuTTY – this is for you SSHers out there. It’s lightweight (as in…fits on a floppy…but who uses those still). This program is a simple stand-alone telnet/SSH program. It’s easy to use an has been featured in a previous article.

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