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HOWTO: Combine Word Docs Into One Doc

I recently ran into a slight dilemma. I downloaded some printable calendar months as Word docs, but they were each their own document by month. I wanted to put them all into one document and a simple copy-and-paste would normally have been fine. It did not work because they contained highly formatted tables and they just didn’t copy over correctly. Fortunately, Word can easily add files together.

First, click on the line you want the other Word doc to be pasted to. Then, go to Insert > File and select your other Word doc. That’s it. It will be inserted into the doc you’re in at the spot where you left the cursor.

Insert a file

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  1. Edgar Moss Edgar Moss

    There does not appear to be the facility in Word 2007 to “Insert – File”. Can one still do this ?

  2. Brad Brad

    In Word 2007, selected Insert | Object | Text from File, then select the file to insert.

  3. Azrul Azrul

    It does not keep the page numbering formatting of the other file..

  4. Well, it does not do it with highly formatted files exported from .pdf. Been there, done that, must be a better way.

  5. Dave Dave

    Worked Great for me! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Can i apply this method in to 2010 office package?

  7. Butch Butch

    Try that with 2010. By far the tallest pile of crap I have ever used. Had to have been designed outside the US, and by no one over thirty

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