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HOWTO: Detect Behind The Scenes Changes to Your OS

We’ve all done it. We start with a fresh copy of our OS, and as time goes on, we install stuff. Lot’s of stuff. At one point, we start installing junk and realize we didn’t need it, so we uninstall. And by uninstallling, we assume – or hope – that everything that we put there, is now gone. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This issue of behind-the-scenes changes to your OS can be solved with Tiny Watcher. Tiny Watcher, upon installation, will scan the current state of your computer. It will figure out what is running at startup, it will scan your registry and a bunch of other system files.

On every boot after install, Tiny Watcher will scan your system for any changes since the previous scan. If it detects any changes, it will alert you and give you options for handling those changes. This program is excellent to have if you often tryout new software, but are very willing to let it go if you don’t want it. If you are afraid new software will load a bunch of useless crap deep into your machine, Tiny Watcher has your back.

Benefits of Tiny Watcher:
– its a small program and runs fast
– detects most changes to your system
– it can be configured
– it’s free

Registry Check

System File Check

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