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HOWTO: Send Text Messages via AIM

As similar method to my previous post on sending free text messages through email, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) supports sending text messages to mobile phones. It’s a great way to send messages without paying an outgoing fee from your own phone provider. Just add a full 10-digit phone number with a + sign in front of it to your buddy list (e.g. +16175551234). All you have to do is send an IM to that “phone number buddy” and the mobile # will get a text message of that IM. Be careful though, don’t send too many.

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  1. John John

    I’m able to type in the text and everything, however, when I press send it just resets the window.

    Help please!


    I want to send instant messages from my email to my yahoo messenger group. That is sending IM from my email to YM.

    Is there any program that does this?

    thank you for your help

  3. Sarah Sarah

    I am a current AIM user, and have been using the SMS messaging to phones for a long time now, but for some reason, one day all of my numbers went to my offline list. I deleted them, and added them again to see if it would work, and they are still on the offline list. I try to IM them and it says +1………… is not available.

    Got any suggestions on why this isn’t working??

  4. Lauren Lauren

    I am using AIM on my PC and for asome time now I have been sending instant message text messages to phone but now all of my numbers are offline.

    Does anyone know why this might not be working?

  5. kim kim

    how can i send a text message to one of my buddies on AIM

  6. dk dk

    uhm. did i block myself from getting ims? because when my friend sends me a message, it says this: Your IM has been sent to my cell phone and, although I can read your messages, I cannot reply. Thanks for your IM!
    any suggestions?

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