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HOWTO: Restore the Shut Down Button in Vista

By default, Windows Vista doesn’t have the standard Shut Down button in the Start menu. In order to shut down, you need to click the right arrow and choose Shut Down. This is a bit inconvenient, however, we can easily restore the Shut Down button in place of the default Sleep/Hibernate button.

Let’s get rid of this one:
No Shut Down?

Navigate to your Control Panel and choose Power Options.

Under your current power setting, click the Change plan settings link:
Change plan settings

In the plan settings menu, click the Change advanced power settings link:
Change advanced power settings

Scroll down to Power buttons and lid. In the Start menu power button, choose the Shut down option:Change button type

Apply these changes and your standard Shut Down button should be in place of the previous sleep button:
Shut Down button restored

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  2. hi im taking all the instruktions that you have provided. and the power of button is still not there. all i have got on the start button is (lock the computer)( log of and lock) can you help me please? thanks very much.. please notify me on my email

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