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HOWTO: Still Access Firefox 2 Download

As just about everyone knows, yesterday Mozilla released their third major version of the Firefox browser. Though this release comes with an overwhelming amount of improvements, some people may still want to use Firefox 2. As a web developer, my company doesn’t officially support version 3 yet (even though support for it seems trivial), so I’m using Firefox 3 Portable for QA with my full Firefox 2 install still intact.

The new design of the Firefox download page doesn’t indicate older versions can be downloaded, so to get them, browse to:

From there you can choose a version, your platform and language. For en-US Windows users, here’s a direct link to the latest FF2: Firefox [updated 27 January 2009].

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  1. Matt W Matt W

    Thanks! I needed this! 😀

  2. me me

    yes!!! i needed this cus i backed up the old profile folder and didnt seem to work using 3.0 straight from the start. so i get 2 and then update. all good with the help of google

  3. dude this is awesome. i found myself not being too happy with 3 because the most important extension that i use was not compatible. u might know it, it is called “speak it” it basically reads for you what you highlight and you can vary the speed. so this makes research much much faster and ez

  4. hello hello

    Oh please keep this link here, forever! Its so helpful, just when I needed it so badly I found it. Thank you so much, in case we need it again in the future please let it stay available for us.

  5. allen l allen l

    omg thank you! i was looking all over for this firefox 3 slows down my noob computer so bad and it was said to be easier on the system psh
    THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Thank You. I needed it. Firefox 3 doesn’t support the add-ons I’m use to.

  7. SKITSOfranic SKITSOfranic

    thanks u i needed this ff3 crash way too much

  8. xurxo xurxo

    i have an imac g3 and this did not work with me. after acaepting the terms and conditions it said “checksum invalid”. can anyone tell me why?

  9. rr rr

    seems like the firefox fools are going the IE way of hiding older versions…..why the heck do they assume everyone would love and force FF3 them to download it ?
    I for one didnt like it one bit, and am going back to FF2 for the great extensions I have…what a farce…why give this a new version number…

  10. askme1x askme1x

    Thank you, I had too many problems with Firefox 3 locking up, couldn’t export/import bookmarks.

  11. Michael Villarreal Michael Villarreal

    I clicked on the first link to get to version 2, but could not make heads or tails of the list of folders. Could you give a novice a little more direction. I’m using a MacBook.


  12. Thank you. Firefox 3 is unstable on my system, so I am really glad I found this 🙂

  13. Edwin Edwin

    Thanks. I’ve deleted FF3 within a few hours after it been installed, but couldn’t find the FF2 downloads, so I had to work with IE for a while.

    BTW. Your direct link doesn’t seem to work.

  14. Mark Mark

    Thanks Edwin… fixed.

  15. Ron Ron

    So happy to find this sight. I just downloaded FF3 and it immediately crashed. It sent a report but no fix has been returned. I redownloaded FF2 and all my bookmarks etc are back, THANKS

  16. African.queen African.queen

    I too had several problems with FF3. thanks so much for having this available… This version is so much better

  17. Joe Joe

    I cant seem to get back to firefox 2 on my mac.
    Any suggestions ?

  18. Brilliant! Thanks a ton Mark! FF3 is such a catastrophe – their spiel is at total odds with every independent comment I’ve read.

    Looking forward to getting my bookmarks back, my regular plug-ins, my old config, etc…

    (Had a click through your Google ads in the meantime ;-))

  19. Mar Mar

    I always used mozilla and firefox. Now I went from to 3.0.4 and found version 3 is crap.

    It hangs all the time; loading of pages goes slow.
    Maybe because I don’t want third party cookies to load and install. What’s the point of having this option when it’s slows down because third parties are scanning and this takes time because they want to place a cookie also (which they can’t).
    Then better the version 2 option: just cookies or no cookies.

    Especially the bookmarks manager is horror;
    1) hangs (“library not responding”), slow, different make up.
    2) You can’t have whole folders (SO including all subfolders) opened at the right side window (like in version 2). Only subfolders, and ony 1 at the time. CRAP CRAP CRAP!

    Also there is NO undo + redo function anymore in version 3. It’s completely gone. So when you accidentally delete a bookmark it’s gone and never can be found again. Complete horror!!!!

    So I will delete version 3 and found the last version 2 on the net ( and will install this one.

  20. Oran Walker Oran Walker

    I’m still wrestling with reloading Firefox 2.0. I don’t have the system requirements for Firefox 3.0. When I try to download 2.0, I get a dmg file. It won’t open on Mac OS X 10.2.8. Before I lost it today, I have been using firefox with no trouble. I’m not upgrading Mac OS X. How do I get Firefox 2.0 back?

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